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Allgaier Automotive

System Supplier, Lightweight Manufacturing Specialist, and Innovative Trailblazer in the Field of Sheet Metal Forming

Allgaier Automotive has earned a well-established reputation as an effective partner in the fields of sheet metal forming and component manufacturing.

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Some of the division’s core competencies include a tool and die and special die shop, press shop operations, the development, testing and manufacturing of fuel tank systems, and operations related to its Car Body business unit.



The new, patented Variotempo process redefines the standards for forming technology. By significantly extending the limits of the cold forming process, Variotempo allows complex, previously multi-part components to be manufactured as individual components.



  • Variotempo


    新專利工藝 Variotempo 為成型技術重新定義了標準。

    由於 Variotempo 在冷成型工藝限制方面實現了重大突破,以前多件式複雜部件可作為單一構件進行製造。除了省去接合過程和減少材料耗費,還降低了模具投資成本。這種新工藝適用於鋼製和鋁製構件...

  • Press Shop

    In the Press Shop, Allgaier produces complex outer-skin panel and structural parts for international premium companies in the automotive industry.



Allgaier Automotive

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