производство инструментов для деталей кузовов

In the Tool and Die unit, made-to-measure solutions are created for the specific requirements of companies in the automotive industry.

The focus is directed towards production of sophisticated body panel dies used in the manufacture of skin panel and structural components. These are manufactured both for Allgaier's own production systems and for the original equipment manufacturers of the automotive sector.

The increasing variety of models and faster pace of model changes within this branch of industry call for great flexibility as well as forward-looking planning. Once Allgaier has undertaken simulations in a first step, the processes of development, planning, design and finally production can commence.

The use of new materials for reducing weight in vehicles is and will remain one of the major challenges of the future. Allgaier addressed this subject at an early stage, and can already provide suitable answers for how materials such as steel, aluminum and high-strength steels behave in production at the limits of their capabilities.

Understanding our customers' requirements and finding optimum solutions together – these are our strengths.


Dr. Jürgen Ladwig

Head of Business Unit
Tool and Die Shop

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