Allgaier Automotive

Allgaier Automotive

System Supplier, Lightweight Manufacturing Specialist, and Innovative Trailblazer in the Field of Sheet Metal Forming

The Allgaier Automotive division defines itself as a system supplier for the international automotive industry. Accordingly, the division, which has locations in the south and east of Germany, in France, Mexico and China, has a global outlook that combines maximum flexibility with high quality standards, uniformly maintained all over the world.

Over many decades, Allgaier Automotive has earned a well-established reputation as an effective business partner in the fields of sheet metal forming and component manufacturing. Some of the division’s core competencies include a tool and die and special die shop, press shop operations, the development, testing and manufacturing of fuel tank systems, and operations related to its Car Body business unit. Within this context, Allgaier is able to offer extensive know-how and decades of experience working with materials ranging from aluminum and deep-drawing steels to high-strength steels.

The division is also ready for the future with technologies such as battery housings for hybrid and electric vehicles and its revolutionary Variotempo cold forming process, which is patented worldwide.

Our decisive advantage over our competitors: The complete process from a single supplier – from development, planning, design engineering, and validation all the way to prototype construction and series production.

Forward-looking thinking, proactive involvement, and a willingness to take responsibility at all locations and in all organizational and operational fields are some of Allgaier’s crucial strengths. In fact, they are what enables the company to flexibly respond to the market’s requirements while meeting demanding quality requirements and further developing existing technologies and production methods.

With a view to the future, the division’s objective is to build long-term customer relationships, further cement its reputation as a supplier of sophisticated and premium components, boost its internationalization efforts, and invest in the markets and products of the future in a systematic manner.

We offer our customers high-quality solutions in premium quality – for more than 100 years.


Allgaier Automotive

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Allgaier Automotive

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