In the Press Shop, Allgaier produces complex outer-skin panel and structural parts for international premium companies in the automotive industry.

The series production presses are equipped with blank washing and cleaning stations, oiling units, interfaces for external nut feeders as well as water-cooled drawing dies.

The production spectrum includes aluminum and deep-drawing steels through to high-strength steel stock as well as uncoated and coated cold strip with a sheet thickness up to 3 millimeters.

More than 80,000 metric tons of steel and aluminum are processed every year in the plants of the Allgaier Automotive company division at sites in Germany, France and Mexico.

A coordinated logistics concept guarantees continuous delivery readiness and ensures that components are delivered to the production lines of companies in the automotive industry just when they are required.

We cover the complete industrial forming process – from blanking through to sophisticated side wall panels.


Markus Dietz

Head of Business Unit
Press Shop

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