ALLGAIER Automotive GmbH

ALLGAIER Automotive GmbH

ALLGAIER Automotive GmbH, Germany

The Uhingen-based company is a strong partner of the automotive industry, not to mention the largest location of the Allgaier Automotive division that encompasses a total production and logistics area of about 65,000 m2.

All the activities of the Allgaier-Group in this division – starting from technological innovations, through innovative engineering services, all the way to sustainable processes – converge here.

Together with the services provided by the plants in the east of Germany, in France, Mexico and China, Allgaier Automotive GmbH is known for redefining standards worldwide when it comes to the tool and die, and special tool shop, press shop operations, the development and production of fuel tank systems and other ready-to-fit components for the body in white. Within this context, the company in Uhingen is also able to offer extensive know-how and decades of experience working with materials ranging from aluminum and deep-drawing steels to high-strength steels.

In addition, the engineering work performed by Allgaier Automotive GmbH is blazing a trail in the recent development of attractive future technologies for the automotive industry: This includes battery housings for hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the revolutionary Variotempo cold forming process, which is patented worldwide.

Machinery and Range of Services

Tool and Die Shop & Special Tools

  • State-of-the-art machining center
  • 9 tryout presses for various die sizes

Press Shop

  • 2 blanking lines
  • 4 press lines with up to 6 interlinked presses
  • Transfer press with a press force of 20,000 kN
  • Transfer press with a press force of 16,000 kN
  • Various small presses with press forces of up to 4,000 kN
  • Customizable feeding technology for press-fit fasteners

Fuel Technologies and Car Body

  • Customer-specific assembly lines
  • Expertise in all common joining methods
    • Clinching
    • Riveting
    • Adhesive bonding
    • Press-fit fasteners
    • All common welding processes
    • Laser brazing
    • Hemming
  • Leak testing
  • Electrocoating line


ALLGAIER Automotive GmbH

Ulmer Straße 75
73066 Uhingen

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