Car Body

In the Car Body unit, significant expertise in all market-relevant joining processes, assembly areas equipped with robots and innovative production processes ensure short throughput times with the highest quality.

Here, the individual parts manufactured in the Press Shop unit are processed further and assembled into wings, bumpers and front ends, for example.

Depending on the needs and requirements of various truck and passenger car models, the components vary in their composition from aluminum, stainless steel or a mix of steel and aluminum.

Allgaier offers appropriate joining processes for each material and component type. These include spot and laser welding, MIG and MAG welding, laser welding, gluing, punch riveting, clinching, roll hemming and flanging.

A major advantage of this approach to the solution is that the customer receives a complete assembly which includes the intermediate production steps. It even incorporates the surface coating, which is implemented using cataphoretic electro-dip coating (KTL).

We reflect the entire value-added chain of body manufacture – real added value for our customers.


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Head of Business Unit
Car Body

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